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PhotoBooth Styles & Setups

Selfie Station

It is one of our smaller photo booths but allows easy adaption to any situation, and thanks to our incredible software, our selfie station is a perfect solution to make your party a memorable one.

The ability to share photos on social media in real-time is what makes this device so convenient and unique.

Customize your images for your preference directly from the system or take funny shots with a variety of props and backgrounds. The Selfie Station is outstanding for a personal or corporate event; it’s fun and makes every moment a unique one.

Included in Package--

Selfie Station - Text/Email Sharing - GIF maker - Backdrop of choice - Digital Props - Paperless - Self Service - Square Photos

*Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly rentals available*

Prices start at $599  

Social Booth

Our Social Station is one of our favorite photo booth options, that is the perfect solution to liven up your wedding or event. Our Social Station is not only designed to entertain your guests, but it also captures the best moments of your life and turns them into precious memories. With state-of-the-art design and technology, our station is fully customizable to suit any of your needs.

Included in Package

Photobooth - Unlimited Photos - Classic Photo Strips for Each Guest - Physical Props - Backdrop of Choice - Custom Photo Strip Design - Photo Attendant - Text/Email Sharing - Social Media Sharing

Package Upgrades - Boomerang GIF Maker, Deluxe Memory Book, Large Photo Cards (4x6)

Pricing starting at $599

360 Booth

Our 360 Station is one of our newest photo booth options, that is the perfect solution to liven up your large wedding, corporate event or birthday party. Our 360 booth is not only designed to entertain your guests, but captures engaging video that is great for all social platforms!

Pricing starting at $1,500/3 hours

Philly Photo and Philm Company

Mirror PhotoBooth

What could be more memorable than magic? Give a touch of fun and magic to your corporate event with our Mirror Booth. Capture the funniest moments of your event with the magic of our mirror booth- an enchanted and magical mirror that will transform the reflections of your images into real photographs, in real-time.

Entertain your guests with an innovative and playful photo booth that will leave them speechless!

Pricing starting at $1,299



To make your event unforgettable with our photobooths, it’s essential to have the right background for you. That’s why Philly Photo and Philm offers a wide range of backdrops ideal for any situation for your events.

Backgrounds with different textures will make your photographs unique. You can choose the backdrop you prefer from those available, or you can take charge and create a personalized background to make your photographs even more unique.

If you prefer something even more versatile and innovative, you can also choose one of our green screen digital backdrops.We want to make your events unique from every perspective.

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