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Do You Need Commercial Aerial Drone Photography?

If you are looking for commercial aerial drone photography in the Philadelphia area, then you came to the right place. Simple yet high-quality, drones can provide stunning images that can be of great use for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

Whether you’re a roofing company looking to show off your most recent project or a search & rescue team that needs drones on the front-line, the aerial drone services at Philly Photo & Film are exactly what you’re looking for.

Services & Capabilities of our Commercial Aerial Photography

One of the many benefits of aerial drone photography is its versatility. A drone can not only take a photo, but it can also reveal information about a subject by using high-tech capabilities such as thermal imagery and digital terrain modeling.

At Philly Photo & Philm, our drone pilots are trained and experienced in the following categories:


Perhaps the most common use of aerial drone photography is, of course, photography. This can be used for events, weddings, advertising, real estate, and more.


Not only can you capture still photos with drones, but you can also capture videos as well. This can be very useful for advertising efforts to showcase a property or a specific construction project.

Thermal Imagery

Often used industrial, police, and firefighting applications, thermal imagery is a proven means of imagery to save time and money on inspections of critical infrastructure, search and rescue, and firefighting situational awareness.

Mapping and Modeling

For many industries, understanding the underlying conditions of a particular area or property is vital. Aerial photography can provide highly detailed maps and models with varying features, including the following:

Digital Terrain & Surface Models

  • 3D Modeling
  • Orthomosaics
  • Contour Lines
  • Plot Lines
  • Volume Calculations
Philly Photo and Philm Company

The Industries We Serve

Here at Philly Photo & Philm, we believe that our aerial photography services can be extremely beneficial to multiple industries and organizations in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area.

We can serve any of the following industries that are located within a 200-mile radius of our offices:


Whether it be a wedding or a county fair, an aerial drone event photographer can capture any kind of large, outdoor event in the Philadelphia or New Jersey areas. Use it to get a sweeping photograph of your event that will be great for advertising purposes.

Real Estate

When buying a house, a potential buyer will want to see every inch of the property. With aerial drone photography, you can showcase your property while also giving buyers an idea of the surrounding areas.


Want to track your progress on a recent project? Or maybe you need to map and model a particular area? Drone imagery can work for your construction project from start to finish.


Through aerial imagery, oil, gas, solar, and wind industries can utilize our aerial imagery services to inspect facilities and assets. Drone services have proven to reduce downtime while reducing costs and risks. Our services can also help demonstrate the power of their plants while also providing an up-close and personal look at how their efforts power millions of homes throughout the US.

Critical Infrastructure

To keep our society running, well-functioning infrastructure is key. Drones can help you find problem areas you may not have been able to spot while on the ground.


Through digital terrain and surface models, aerial photography can help farmers increase crop yields and pinpoint areas of disease or poor irrigation. Drones help reduce the chemicals in the food with precision spraying in only the areas needed utilizing fewer chemicals that could end up in the products they produce, which also protects and nurtures the environment.

This data comes from sensors mounted to the drone capturing imagery, which provides much-needed information, thereby reducing the field input, which reduces costs. Soil health and soil loss, water usage and management, and chemical use mitigation are just some of the reports we can generate through aerial imagery.


Climbing up on top of a building is dangerous, so why put yourself in harms’ way when a drone can do the work for you? Find any potential problem spots by zooming in on particular areas or zooming out to get a wider perspective. Drones have also proven helpful in optimizing measurements, which are far more precise than traditional methods. This reduces waste and costs in materials and supplies, saving business where it matters most, the bottom line.


To properly inspect a building or other type of infrastructure, you need to examine every single part of it thoroughly. Drone photography can help you study hard-to-reach places to give you a better idea if a specific building is up to code.


The usefulness of aerial photography for government agencies is endless. You can capture the beauty of national or state parks, advertise local events, or aid police and fire departments in search and rescue efforts.

Philly Photo and Philm Company
Philly Photo and Philm Company
Philly Photo and Philm Company
Philly Photo and Philm Company
Philly Photo and Philm Company
Philly Photo and Philm Company
Philly Photo and Philm Company

Our Qualifications

Aerial drone photography is much different from other forms of photography, especially since it’s used in many potentially risky scenarios such as search & rescue. At Philly Photo & Philm, our drone pilots are fully trained and have the following certifications:

  • FLIR Level 1 sUAS Thermographer
  • AUVSI Trusted Operator Program (TOP) Level 1
  • Public Safety & Accident Scene Reconstruction
  • Aerial Mapping & Modeling
  • FAA Remote Pilot – Part 107

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